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Guiding You Through Life’s Transitions

Experience. Guidance. Trust. At Lessard Wealth Management, these are the qualities we employ as we move from understanding your goals to pursuing them.

Lessard Wealth Management offers comprehensive, integrated strategies through a spectrum of financial services. We work in coordination with CPAs and Estate Planning Attorneys to ensure everyone helping you plan for your financial future is on the same page.

 Welcome to Lessard Wealth Management

Planning for your financial future is one of the most important things you will ever do, so having access to resources and unbiased advice from a trusted partner can be invaluable. Lessard Wealth Management has the flexibility to offer a wide range of non-proprietary products and services, which means you receive unbiased financial guidance and assurance that your best interests always come first.

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Wealth Management

Get a renewed perspective on your assets with our experienced consultative process. At Lessard Wealth Management, we strive to grow your wealth through holistic, integrated financial planning.

Tax Efficiency Planning

Don’t be overwhelmed by tax law intricacies. Let us defend your income by protecting what you make and maximizing what you keep. With tax-efficient implementation and diversification, we will attempt to reduce portfolio volatility and help to keep you on track for a sustainable future.

Retirement Planning

Whether you’re looking ahead or want to manage your current plan, Lessard Wealth will put you in the driver’s seat for retirement. Our intricate analysis and strategies for optimization will give you confidence in the next chapter of your life.

Estate & Legacy Planning

Uncertainty leaves room for opportunity. At Lessard Wealth, we seek to solidify tomorrow by planning today. As Warren Buffet said, "Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago".


Market Summary

We use a client-centric process focused on pursuing specific milestones we create together. Our comprehensive, three-step planning process is designed to help identify your needs, implement your strategy and monitor it regularly to help you stay on course:

Assessing Your Needs and Finances

We begin by asking you to complete a confidential personal profile that helps us gain a deep understanding of your current financial situation and goals.

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Preparing Your Plan

We then provide a detailed analysis of your finances, develop customized strategies, and offer suitable recommendations to address your future needs.

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Implementing and Monitoring Your Strategy

Once you select your personalized plan, we put it into action. We’ll always maintain a consistent dialogue with you, monitoring your portfolio along the way.

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